Benefits of Clear Aligners

  • Custom created.

    Clear Aligner trays are created for the patient by using impressions of the individual’s teeth. This customized treatment specifically corrects the patient’s individual problems.

  • Comfortable.

    Unlike braces, Clear Aligners are more comfortable for the patient. Braces rely on creating pressure from tightening wires, while Clear Aligner trays use gentle pressure to shift the teeth.

  • Effective.

    When worn correctly, the Clear Aligners not only produce beautifully straight teeth but also correct bite problems and spacing/crowding issues.

  • Invisible.

    Many kids and adults want to avoid braces because it can cause them to feel insecure about their appearance. However,  with Clear Aligners, these BPA free plastic trays are not visible to others and create the same end result as braces.

  • Removable.

    Clear Aligners are much more convenient for patients than braces, because of the fact that they are removable. This allows them to eat what they want and brush and floss their teeth with ease.

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