Dentistry and its specialisations

Dentistry and its specialisations

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of teeth, gums, salivary glands, and, generally, everything correlated with the stomatognathic system.

Dental science is divided into specialised fields that support the branch. For a dental office to provide an efficient service it needs to have a staff with experts in all sectors.

Endodontics deals with teeth lesions and, in particular, pulpal pathology, or inflammation of the tooth pulp. Endodontic operations are those that empty the tooth’s canals by acting on the infected tissues that cause hypersensitivity and pain. Implantology acts surgically on elements already removed or otherwise absent, replacing them with prostheses and plates, which are usually made of titanium, steel, and gold. The installed prostheses are made by dental technicians with experience in dental prosthesis.

Dental hygiene is the branch that deals with the prevention of diseases, infections, and damage to the oral apparatus. This activity is divided into different types of skills ranging from teeth whitening to the administration of mouthwashes and specific pharmaceutical products. Specialists suggest oral hygiene treatments at least every six months. Conservative dentistry deals with the care of tooth enamel, taking care of both the medical and aesthetic aspect that it has in the field. Pedodontics is simply the medical application of dentistry on infants.

Periodontology deals with all pathologies of the periodontium consisting of the alveolar bone, root canal cement, periodontal ligament, and gums. Orthodontics is the branch that deals with multiple teeth and maxillary bone structural irregularities that, if not promptly treated, could cause severe damage to the affected individuals, including chewing and aesthetics.

For a dental practice to be considered professional, it needs to offer a complete, efficient, and optimal service related to mouth care and everything related to it.

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