Taking care of your teeth is also and above all important during Christmas time when the health of the teeth is put to the test. Panettone, nougat, chocolate, and fizzy drinks are the main enemies of oral health, for this reason, the MC20 Dental Clinic wants to give you some tips to have healthy teeth without giving up some little sins of gluttony.

So let’s see how to face Christmas holidays … with a smile.

MC20’s tips for dental health at Christmas

During holidays it is important to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day for at least 2 minutes, and, if it isn’t possible to brush your teeth after a meal, you can chew sugar-free gums. Chewing increases saliva production, balances the pH of the mouth, and protects the health of the teeth.

The second tip is to avoid sweets and foods that are too hard, which can damage the surface of the teeth and dental appliances, but also soft and chewy sweets that stick to the teeth and are difficult to remove.

Those who just can’t resist the call of sweets should consume them close to meals, again for the greater production of saliva which allows counteracting the acids responsible for tooth decay and dental erosion. Additionally, be careful to combine the dessert with alcohol and sugary drinks: the dentists of the MC20 Dental Practice recommend drinking a glass of water to clean the mouth.

Still, on the subject of alcohol and toasts, it is better not to overdo it since these drinks contain not only sugars but also acid substances. Certainly, it will not be a glass of sparkling wine to spoil the smile, but it is always better to drink a glass of water to cleanse the mouth after each toast.

In addition to this, here is a little trick for dental health at Christmas: include some smile-friendly foods in the diet, let’s see together what they are.

A healthy diet to protect the teeth

  • Naturally, following a healthy diet helps keep teeth white and strong, allowing you to preserve a beautiful smile. Even if there are several foods to avoid due to their sugar and acid content, there are just as many that are true allies for dental health. These include:
  • milk and derivatives, a precious source of calcium that must never be missing in the daily diet. Calcium strengthens the teeth, even if it is better to brush them immediately after consumption due to the presence of lactose, the sugar of milk;
  • apples, are the ideal food to eliminate plaque and it is recommended to consume them outside the home when you cannot use the toothbrush after eating;
  • leafy vegetables: spinach, chard, and lettuce stimulate the production of saliva and help clean the teeth;
  • tomatoes, are an important source of fluoride and eliminate plaque;
  • dried fruit, essential for the supply of phosphorus, magnesium, and fluoride, the substances that make up the teeth;
  • water, which protects the tooth enamel after meals, rich in acids and sugars;
  • eggs, for their alkalizing effect and the ability to balance the pH of the oral cavity while also protecting the gums;
  • dark chocolate, which contains valuable antibacterial substances and glucan, which reduces the formation of plaque and caries;
  • turmeric, ally to whiten the teeth and is a powerful antibacterial.

As you can see, on the table there are not only dangers for the health of the teeth, but also valid allies for the well-being of the oral cavity. Contact your trusted dentist to find out which diet is best suited to protect your smile and, if you really can’t do without sweets and sugars during the Christmas holidays, reserve a cleaning and oral hygiene session now at the MC20 Dental Practice. We will help you to restore the health and brightness of your smile!