Treatment Steps

  1. Consultation
    The aim of the first appointment is to find out if there is some treatment need.
  2. Documentation
    The second step is to open the patient file which includes Xrays, Photographs and Dental Impressions.
  3. Treatment- and Financial plan
    The third appointment is to present and discuss the Treatment Plan and Cost Estimation.
  4. Active Treatment
    During active treatment, there are control visits once a month or every 5 weeks.
  5. Retention
    Retention following orthodontic treatment has been defined as “The holding of teeth following orthodontic treatment in the treated position for the period of time necessary for the maintenance of the result. The retention phase is considered by some to be one of the most difficult aspects of the entire orthodontic treatment process. That’s why the patient needs to wear a retainer appliance to assure the nice treatment outcome.
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